Colchester Physiotherapy Privacy Policy

What information do we collect

We will only collect the minimum amount of information needed to help with your treatment. This will include details of your previous medical history which includes information may not appear to be relevant to your problem, however we do this to establish whether there are other medical factors which may influence your treatment. We may also ask you for information on other members of your family, along with their medical history, again we do this to establish any additional factors which may be relevant in your treatment.

As mentioned above, at times some of the information may not appear to be relevant to your problem, however we always ask for information for a specific reason.

How is it collected?

Some is collected at booking, some at your appointment.

Why is it being collected?

Some of the information we gather is for the purposes of contacting you.  This is used to either send you appointment reminder details, or contact you with information regarding your treatment.

Any additional information we gather is purely based around your treatment.

We never pass information on to third parties.

How is the information stored

All the information we gather is stored on specific software designed for recording therapy notes.  It is secured by password and can not be accessed by anyone outside of our clinic team.  Any third party reports that you bring in for us are scanned and uploaded to your notes and then either returned to you or destroyed.

How will it be used?

The information we collect is only used for your treatment.  At times, some of the information we ask for may seem a bit strange (or unrelated) to your treatment.  We use a variety of information to both rule in and rule out various conditions.  If you are unsure of why a particular piece of information is relevant to your treatment then please ask us - we will be more than happy to explain its relevance.

Occasionally we may need to share some of your information with other medical professions - we will never do this without your permission.