Susannah Money-Schenk | Osteopath

About me:

Susannah Money-Schenk

"I am a registered human and equine osteopath. I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now the University College of Osteopathy) in 2009 before going on to complete my PgCert in Animal Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals in Wantage.

I love a challenge, whether it’s teaching someone to walk again or getting a new mum back into the gym. I have worked with clients post replacement surgeries, post cancer surgeries as well as after traumatic accidents. I have qualifications in pre and post-natal exercise and I’m currently studying in this field to improve my knowledge further in order to give new mums the best support possible."

Why I became an osteopath:

"I have always been interested in the body and was particularly interested in learning how one area can affect another. So many therapists I saw for my own aches and pains focused solely on one area rather than the more holistic approach that Osteopathy gives you. 

I love how as an Osteopath I have a great number of tools at my disposal straight after graduating from university: massage, joint manipulation, exercise therapy, muscle energy techniques, cranio-sacral therapy - not to mention the tools I have acquired since - sports massage therapy, kinesiology taping, dry needling to name a few.

Susannah Money-Schenk_Equine Osteopath
Susannah Money-Schenk_Osteopath

My approach to treatment:

The sum of its parts is greater than that of the whole.

"My focus on treatment is twofold:

1.  Helping patients to understand their body and showing them how to help themselves heal.

2.  Getting (and keep) patients moving.  I love analysing movement and making it better. Helping people to understand why their weaknesses are their weaknesses and what they can do to strengthen them is extremely rewarding, especially when they progress!"

Susannah Money-Schenk_Osteo